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Can I get a dress next day? 

Unfortunately due to the nature of our bespoke service and our brand philosophy on slow fashion we are not able to deliver next day to service on our made to order products. Each product takes at least two weeks to make and be put in production and then please refer to our delivery page for our delivery dates from then. Expresses available on request but next day delivery for any product is not an option our brand can facilitate. Please allow at least one week before you’re a special event for MTO expresses.


What should I include in my enquiry email for a bespoke order? 


For a bespoke order please detail: 

-The kind of dress/garment you’re after

-The date you need the garment for

-A detailed description or image of your design info (we do not create replicas).

-Your UK dress size and most up-to-date accurate measurements (waist bust and hip)

-What country you are contacting from?



How much do bespoke dresses start from? 

Our bespoke dresses Do you not have a set price list as the cost of fabric and the craftsmanship behind each design as well as the design process or factoring to the over full price of your custom garment. We implore you to reach out via email or complete our contact form for bespoke order request and accurate price quotes.




Why made to order?

Made to order is a happy medium between bespoke and RTW. We make custom garments that are made to fit and sculpt and are a much loved investment piece to add to your closet. Made to order offers a solution for that sometimes overwhelming design options when beginning a bespoke order. MTO ties in to our brand philosophy of sustainability with a zero waste model and gives you the option to customise colour and fit.


Do you have a price list? 

No we don’t have a price list for bespoke as it heavily depends on the complexity of cut, finishes and fabric if a design. E.g- a dress with ostrich feathers will be significantly more than a plain one. 

For made to order pieces our price is fixed as it has been calculated accurately given fabric and craftsmanship time. 


For bespoke orders we are open to price negotiations depending on your budget but can’t compromise too far off industry standard out of respect of the craftsmanship of bespoke. 


Do you do collaborations? 

Please email


Do you only do dresses?

In our upcoming collection mainly dresses but we have a few projects in the works that is solely tailoring, and some bespoke coat. Our creative director and head Tailor works in industry and is well- versed with garment construction and works in industry as a fit specialist and technical consultant.


I’m not confident taking my measurements? What do I do? 

We will have a size guide on our website where you can see a UK size guide to help also a guide for measurements taking. So you can put in a size 10 if you don’t want bespoke measurements. The benefit of your measurements own as opposed to size is if your between sizes. 

We also Reccomend putting your UK dress size in the measurements section for each order. 

If your in between sizes let us know.

If your size 10 on top but 12 bottom let us know! We also have a very limited option to have a virtual fittings for measurements  - please email for our availability.


What if the I give measurements and it doesn’t fit - too big or small. 

If your base in london we our head tailor can travel out to your depending on availability and do a fitting for alterations and deliver it back to you via post or hand delivery (free for orders over £300).

If outside london (UK or international) contact us via email detailing fit issues with pics if you can and we will arrange a postage back to our studio and complete alterations.


But please double check measurements and go by our size guide.


Examples of measurements

E.g- I’m a size 10 in dresses with stretch but have large hips so slightly bigger hip area on bottom. My body type is petite. My measurements are as follows BUST... WAIST.. HIP (CM/INCH)

E.g.- I’m a size 18 but want it so snatch at the waist and my cup size is 38E. I’m plus size. My measurements are as follows...


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do via dhl!


I need a dress in June how do I go about ordering?

Unlike ordinary retail our bespoke studio won’t sell out of designs completely. We just may not restock. So we recommend you get back in touch at 2months ahead of deadline to check our availability on our site and or email.



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